Best Herbal Vaporizers and Vaporizer Reviews

G Pen bud Vape in handOur favorite vape right now is the brand new G Pen Elite.  Read the review to see why.

It’s no surprise that there are more and more herbal vaporizers entering the market place.  Even doctors are realizing the health benefits of using a herbal vaporizer!  Browse our website, and read the reviews.  We’re sure we can help you find the best herbal vaporizer for your needs, at the best price.

Top 10 Best Herbal Vaporizers Reviewed

Weed VaporizerPriceDescriptionLearn More
Volcano Vaporizer
digital volcano weed vaporizer
$539The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most effective and recommended vaporizers on the market. It is a patented state-of-the-art vaporization system. German manufacturer Storz & Bickel used a unique and logical system that comprises of a chamber for heating herbs, valves for dispersal control... See full Volcano Vap ReviewRead Volcano Vaporizer Review
Silver Surfer Vaporizer
silver surfer weed vaporizer
$259The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is one of the best hands free whip vaporizers on the market today. It has a ceramic heating element, which is the same type of heating element used in the Volcano Vaporizer. The heating component is strategically engineered to last longer than any other vaporizers. See full Silver Surfer Vap Review...Read Silver Surfer Vaporizer Review
Extreme Vaporizer
$179.99Take your vaporizing experience to the extreme with Extreme Vaporizer. This device is unique in that most of its major components are made of borosilicate glass, which is deemed high quality and one of the strongest glass types in the world. While other vaporizers use plastic, aluminum, metals,... See full Extreme Vap ReviewRead Extreme Vaporizer Review
Vapor Genie
vapor genie herbal vaporizer
$59If you do not want to spring for a Volcano Vaporizer or for any of the cheaper vaporizing models, Vapor Genie is right for you. Its tag price makes it very affordable. But the low cost is not the only factor that lures users into buying and using the product. There are many other distinct and... Read Vapor Genie Review
ioLite Vaporizer
iolite herbal vaporizer
$118The ioLite vaporizer, also known as the I-Inhale vaporizer, is currently one of the the best portable vaporizers on the market. From an Ireland-based manufacturer Oglesby & Butler Ltd comes the first real portable vaporizer in the market in terms of size and usage. The ioLite Vaporizer is... Read ioLite Vaporizer Review
HerbalAire Vaporizer
herbalaire herbal vaporizer
$249Are you looking for a full-featured vaporizer? HerbalAire Vaporizer is definitely the device you should purchase. With the product’s nice and solid construction, you can enjoy using two major inhalation methods, bag system and direct inhalation.
In terms of efficiency, HerbalAire...
Read HerbalAire Vaporizer review
Vapir Oxygen
vapir oxygen herbal vaporizer
$106.99If you are looking for a cheap vaporizing product in the market, you should buy Vapir Mini 4.0 Oxygen as it is the most practical digital vaporizer today. This pen-shaped vaporizing product comes from Vapir Vaporizers, one of the leading and most innovative brands of vaporizers across the market. See Vapir Oxygen Review...Read Vapir Oxygen Review
Vapir Air One
vapir air one herbal vaporizer
$139Handheld, digital, popular---these are just some of the most appropriate adjectives that could describe Vapir Air One 5.0. The product is the third and most powerful vaporizer designed and manufactured by Vapir, a name synonymous to quality vaporizing devices out in the market. See full Vapir Air One 5.0 Review...Read Vapir Air One Review
Vapor Tower
vapor tower herbal vaporizer
$189There are many types of vaporizers in the market, but only a few are known for their unique physical attributes. Vapor Tower happens to tower tall over any other kind of vaporizing products out in the market. It is the first box-type vaporizing equipment designed with a radical vertical concept... Read Vapor Tower Review
Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer
aromed 4.0 herbal vaporizer
$439The Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer is a pure and precise vaporizer manufactured by a company in Germany called Research & Experience. The Aromed Vaporizer is a "phyto-inhalation" vaporizer, meaning it directly administers the herbs active ingredients in the most effective manner possible ...Read Aromed 4.0 Vaporizer Review
vaporite herbal vaporizer
$119Competition in the vaporizing market is getting more intense. Many brands and products are aiming to get the biggest market share. It is not surprising that almost all devices are designed and made to last longer and perform better. The Vaporite is no exception to the competition.Read Vaporite Review
Easy Vape
easy vape herbal vaporizer
$149The Easy Vape is a vaporizer well worth its cost because it is the most practical in the market. That is why you should consider buying the Easy Vape. This vaporizer is portable and is lightweight, unlike most of the other vaporizing devices available today. While most traditional box-type... Read Easy Vape Review
vapolution herbal vaporizer
$199Living under its ‘workhorse’ reputation, Vapolution exemplifies and exudes a solid feel. This vaporizing product provides a good sense of quality. Any potential purchaser has to first look at the vaporizer’s outstanding features and usefulness before fully judging it.
Vapolution is unique...
Read Vapolution Reviews
vapormatic herbal vaporizer
$299The Vapormatic Deluxe has an extremely stylish design with chrome accents with a stainless steel frame for a retro look. It also comes complete with an illuminated LCD screen on the front of the forced air vaporizer that gives you an exact temperature the unit is operating at (+- 4 degrees...Read Vapormatic Review
Vapir N02 Vaporizer
vapor no2 herbal vaporizer
$179.99The second generation of the O2 Vaporizer, the NO2 Vaporizer is truly the next generation in vaporization technology.
The NO2 vaporizer was designed and created based off the suggestions, comments and ideas that previous Vapir customer’s had indicated they wanted in their vaporizer. Now,...
Read Vapir N02 Vaporizer Review
Hot Box Vaporizer
hot box herbal vaporizer
$149The Hotbox Vaporizer is a revolutionary device engineered to enhance your vaporizing experience. The Hotbox Vaporizer was built in class of its own to make for a efficient, effective and simple alternative for aromatherapy.Read Hot Box Vaporizer Review

When you smoke any herb, including weed or marijuana, you inhale harmful toxins created by the burning process.  Using a herbal vaporizer avoids the burning process and, helps to eliminate the health problems associated with smoke.  Using a herbal vaporizer is good for your health when compared to smoking!

Find the best herbal vaporizer for your situation by:  read the herbal vaporizer reviews for the product that’s best rated; decide if you need a portable, digital, or what type of herbal vaporizer you’d like; figure out what your price range is.  We’ve made it easy on herbal vaporizer reviews for you to find the best herbal vaporizer.