Digital Hand Ceramic Electric Weed Vaporizer + Free Pot Grinder

Herbal Vaporizer Brand: Half Baked Goods
Herbal Vaporizer Model: Digi Vap
Herbal Vaporizer List Price: $250.00
Herbal Vaporizer Price: $59.99

Average Customer Rating

  3 out of 5

Herbal Vaporizer Description:

# One Vaporizer: # Digital Set Feature which allows and maintains the heat at a set level to maximize the smoke. # Hands Free Glass on Glass Whip-Included # Handcrafted Wood Case (Dark Reddish Brown) # Uses United State standard of 110v of electricity # Ready To Use In 2 Minutes more

Herbal Vaporizer Accessories:

Product Accessories

2.25 Sharp Crusher Herb Grinder (Non Aluminum) + 5 PCS CNC Pollen Press

$ 15.95

Chromium Crusher 2.25 Premium Quality Tobacco Herb Grinder (non-aluminum grinder

$ 13.99

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VaporGenie Classic Vaporizing Pipe

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Herbal Vaporizer Features:

  • New Set Feature Digital Vaporizer
  • Maintains and maximizes the vapor smoke to your pleasure.

Herbal Vaporizer Special Features:

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Gusto Blue

Still not worth the $$$
Rating:2 out of 5 stars
I’m not very impressed with the quality of this vap unit. The digital display seems pretty worthless and I don’t really trust it’s actually accurate regarding the temperature. Once I set the temp and push the Set button, the green LED stops flashing and goes solid, but I see no indication when the unit actually reaches the desired temp. It takes at least 10-12 minutes to get it hot enough for use. I heard mention of Blue LEDs but mine are either broken or not there. I’ve used it a few times and got inconsistent results each time which further leads me to believe the temperature reading is just for show. This isn’t exactly rocket science, but the instructions are not very useful and look to be assembled by a third grader. All in all I feel ripped off even for the low price…I guess you get what you pay for reading other comments for competing vap units. I’m going to look into returning this and going with a higher quality unit from another vendor.

Jaime S. Rechsteiner

Keep the box until you test it
Rating:2 out of 5 stars
Seemed like a simple enough device that it did not even cross my mind to test the thing out right away. Just a couple of wires and a thermostat. Sure enough when I finally got to it the thermostat lit up but no heat. Wanted to try it at least once so I rigged it up to bypass the thermostat and got it working, kind of. In the end I suppose it does do what a vaporizer should. Wish I picked one without the chintzy digital thermostat control.


Nice vape, just be careful with the hose
Rating:4 out of 5 stars
This is a simple but effective design. I’m pretty sure I could make one of these if I had the time or ambition. The digital readout is nice and functional, and when you switch it on a blue LED lights up the inside of the box as well as underneath, through some frosted plastic. The glass whip that comes with it is VERY fragile, and the hose isn’t that long. Be careful when handing the hose to someone, if the hose isn’t long enough it will jerk on the whole thing and likely break the glass on the end. This happened to me 2nd bowl in, so just make sure everyone gets a tutorial before firing it up. Replacement whips can be found online for around $15. The grinder that comes with this is incredible. It is made of an alloy that is much heavier than other aluminum or steal grinders, the top is magnetic as well. I’ve seen the same one sold for $50+. Be careful and enjoy.

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