Herbal Vaporizer Brand: Top Vapor
Herbal Vaporizer Model: VP600
Herbal Vaporizer List Price: $150.00
Herbal Vaporizer Price: $39.99

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Herbal Vaporizer Description:

Before you buy from any other dealer posting for this Ad.Make sure you are getting a Brand Name TOP VAPOR vaporizer.This is for a FULLY DIGITAL HEAVY DUTY VAPORIZER that is UNLIKE ANY OTHER VAPORIZER ON AMAZON. This is currently the most exquisite vaporizer available! This vaporizer is extremely durable and it is meant to last. It is fully encased by black anodized metal. Temperature ranges from about 0 - 600 degrees Fahrenheit which you can adjust to your specifications. Contains a top of the line ceramic heating element. This item includes a bamboo poker, an oil diffuser, extra screens, and detailed instructions for your safety and conveniance! Specially designed to easily change the screen when necessary. This vaporizer heats up in about two minutes. Quiet cooling fans help keep the unit cool. No other vaporizer in this class competes with this vaporizer! This vaporizer is extremely easy use with nothing to put together. Just plug it in and turn the switch to the desired temperature! It is that simple to use! The dimensions of this vaporizer is 7.5 Inches Wide X 6.25 Inches long X 3.0 Inches High. The hose is three feet long with a glass mouthpeice. The power cord is 7 feet long. Rather than burning material, a vaporizer heats it enough that the more volatile constituents boil away. In this manner, fewer harmful particles are released than by burning. This vaporizer can even be a great gift for a friend or anyone else close to you who can get a lot of use from it! We do not offer the Battery Grinder anymore they did not last,We now give a Free 3 peice Poker Chip Grinder. more

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$ 11.79

Herbal Vaporizer Features:

  • TOP VAPOR Absolute Best Vaporizer In Its Class With An Amazing Price!
  • Can set to the exact temperature you desire. You can even vaporize your rarest herbs
  • Temperature is displayed in both Fahrenheit and Celcius!
  • Includes Many Extra Accessories Including An Oil Diffuser!
  • Free 3 peice Pocker Chip Grinder

Herbal Vaporizer Special Features:

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