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Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer Review:  For those who are on the go, the Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer is an ideal choice. This particular vaporizer is small, but the vapor it produces is just as thick and dense as the vapor produced by a Volcano. Not only is it discreet, it comes with an external rechargeable battery so you can vape anywhere you want!  From personal experience, the Vapir Oxygen Mini is simple to figure out, but a bit difficult to master. The temperature is fully adjustable and you’re going to want to play with the settings to see what temp works for your blend. Every vaporizer is calibrated differently, so the temperature from your old vape probably won’t work as well with this one. Also, you need to grind your herb very finely for optimum performance. This vaporizing unit is made by Vapir Vaporizers, a leading manufacture of vaporizers. The Vapir battery pack is a standard 1500mAH and will allow the Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 to heat for an hour when fully charged. Average charge time is 8-10 hours, so make sure to charge it overnight. If you’re a serious vaper, I would suggest getting the Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 for when you’re out, because it is the best portable vape I’ve tried. But when you’re home, especially if friends are over, you’re going to want something with a bigger chamber so you don’t have to fill it too many times. My favorite things about this vaporizer are that it’s so portable, you can use it with a 12 volt car adapter, and you inhale the vapor straight from the straw-like end of the unit which is very convenient. Some people I know thinks it can be too hot on your lips, but I’ve never experienced that.

The Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0 is in its 3rd generation of design. This is a portable herbal vaporizer with a digital temperature controller. The vaporizer can be recharged (if you buy the version with the battery pack) and includes a ceramic-housed quartz-style heating element.

vapir oxygen herbal vaporizerVapir Oxygen Mini Vap Rating:  Make sure you know what you’re getting when you buy the Vapir Oxygen Mini.  This is a portable, digital vaporizer that is affordable.  It’s a lot less expensive than the Volcano or other top end digital vaporizers.  Honestly it doesn’t work as well as the Volcano either.  So if you’re looking for portability in your digital vaporizer, this is a good, cheap option.  If you’re thinking about getting the Vapir Mini 4.0 just because it’s cheap, but really want a Volcano, we suggest you wait.  Put off your vaporizer purchase until you save enough cash to get the vap you really want.  Too many people get the Vapir Mini as a “starter” vaporizer, and regret their purchase later as they really had their hearts set on a higher end vaporizer.  However, if what you want is a cheap, portable, digital vaporizer, then buy away – you’ve found your vap in the Vapir Oxygen Mini 4.0.

If you want to inflate balloons as your weed vapor delivery method, the Vapir is not for you.  Make sure you grind your herb mix finely when using the Vapir Mini 4.0 herbal vaporizer, which will produce better results.  Also, make sure you don’t charge the battery pack for over 24 hours.  This will overheat the battery pack and void the one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Vapir Oxygen Mini Digital Vap Features:

  • Direct inhalation herbal vaporizer using the small straw
  • Power cord is six feet long
  • Portable with rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • Adjustable temperature digital vaporizer
  • Digital vaporizer temperature display
  • Ceramic-housed quartz-style heating element
  • Built in China
  • Dimensions with heat shield: 6.5 inches x 2 inches x 2 inches
  • Dimensions of optional external re-chargeable battery: 3 inches x 2 inches x 1 inch (wire from battery to unit is 70 inches long)
  • Possible to use the Vapir Mini 4.0 with a 12 volt car adapter also

Vapir Oxygen Mini Vaporizer Heating Details: The Vapir Oxygen Mini herbal vaporizer has a fully adjustable temperature control.  It will take some practice to get the perfect vaporization temperature for your specific blend.   This baby is made in China.  Chances are your heaters and temperature gauges will not all calibrate identically.  Vapir says the heat element will reach the right heat level in just minutes, but in our experience it takes a little longer.

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I wanted a cheap vaporizer that I could hide in my backback, and that’s exactly what I got. I’m happy with it.


Comparing this to the magic flight launch box that I got after this vape. I love the design and my friends were very impressed that a portable vaporizer looked and handled as well as this. If you’re using this by yourself, it’s perfect. One or two packs will get you blazed. But the chamber is a little small, so if you think you’ll be using it with friends a lot, you might want something with a bigger chamber, as it’s kind of a hassle to refill it over and over again. Besides the MFLB being easier to refill, this handles much better. The only portable vape I know of with a chamber big enough to share with friends is the Pax, which is like $250. That is like the volcano of portable vapes. But for the price, I was satisfied with this.


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