G Pen Elite Portable Herbal Bud Vape Review

G Pen Vape front viewThe first thought I had when I opened the package for the G Pen Elite is that the design of this vaporizer is stunning. Its simplicity is reminiscent of the Pax, but slicker and more ergonomic.  I love this vape.  Here’s a link to buy the newly released G Pen Elite at a discounted price.

If you order for mail delivery, the vaporizer arrives in nondescript box on the outside (good thing for those who live in high rise buildings so a neighbor isn’t tempted to steal it).  But inside is a good-looking, round black packaging container that also can be used to store your vape at your place when you’re not using it. G Pen Vape packaging

Inside, you’ll find the vaporizer comes with a USB charging cable, a G card (which you can use to grind “material”), and a pen tool used to push out the filter. Weirdly, it doesn’t come with a cleaning brush, and the list of contents does not list one so I don’t think it was forgotten.

G Pen bud Vape in handThere are only three buttons; One on the front, which turns the device on and heats up the device, and two on the side that control the temperature.

The G Pen Elite has the largest fully ceramic chamber on the market, capable of holding 0.75 grams of weed, bud, trees, or whatever else you have in mind. To my pleasant surprise, there is a full LED display with battery life indicator and the capability of setting any temperature between 200 and 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The vaporizer heats up surprisingly fast, in about 20-30 seconds, and you can actually see the number climb up to the selected temperature (I used 375 F).  The G Pen Elite has a cap that you sort of push forward and then pull to one side to take off. It’s not a big deal, but it’s unnecessarily complicated compared to the magnetic cap of the Pax. This issue, along with the absence of a cleaning brush, is the only gripe I have with the G Pen Elite. It’s simple, works seamlessly, and I love the LED screen and temperature selection. Best of all, the price of $170 for all of its features is unbeatable. I give it a solid 9.5/10.  This is a great vaporizer to own and I highly recommend it.G Pen metal weed grinder


G Pen Elite Portable Herbal Bud Vape Review

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