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iolite portable herbal vaporizerIolite Portable Weed Vaporizer Review:  The ioLite vaporizer is one of the the best portable vaporizers for sale in 2011. The ioLite Vaporizer is manufactured by the Irish company Oglesby & Butler.  Why does that matter?  Well,  Oglesby & Butler has engineered and manufactured gas and vapor related industrial tools since 1984.  So these guys know what they’re doing.  The Irish gas tool experts have created the first real portable vaporizer in the market in terms of size and usage with their I-Inhale vaporizer (another name for the Iolite).

Iolite Portable Vap Features:

  • Direct inhalation vaporizer direct from the small straw
  • Completely portable, handheld and a light 2.8 oz / 81 grams
  • Static temperature, not adjustable
  • Plastic (zenite), stainless steel
  • Stainless steel mouthpiece
  • Heat system is via butane, no heat element as such
  • No batteries
  • Needs gas refills like a refillable lighter
  • Use time is 120 minutes per refill
  • Patented design
  • Warranty – The iolite portable weed vaporizer has a two year warranty.

Iolite Portable Vaporizer Heating Details: The iolite uses a patented flameless gas catalytic conversion heating process. You fill the iolite with gas just like you would with a refillable gas lighter. Then once the iolite is switched on it initiates a catalytic reaction between butane and oxygen, to heat up within 45 seconds.  For best results, use a premium quality butane fuel, not the standard butane you can buy at drug store.  The catalytic conversion makes the gas become completely inert; there is an exhaust system in place to expel any leftover butane simply as water.

Iolite Portable Herbal Vap Rating:  The portable Iolite is truly a portable vaporizer. It lasts up to two hours on a single refill and is made by a company with 25 years’ experience in the ‘gas tools’ industry.  The iolite vaporizer only uses FDA approved food and medical grade plastics, so if you’re a user of medical marijuana, this portable vap is built to medical standards like the ISO: 9001 -2001 quality guidelines.

Note:  Don’t buy a used Iolite.  Why?   The plastic mouthpiece in the older version tended to break quickly.  Also, old product screens clogged quickly, which reduced the draw to a drag.  The new produced design was changed to take care of these issues.

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i like being able to carry this vap around with me. and it works well. but, it’s hard to control the temperature. sometimes i think i’m burning too hot, but can’t tell. overall i still like this vap.


There is a metal threaded version of the mouthpiece that comes with the new product shipped. So if you’ve heard about the straw issues, don’t worry. New straw works. I like sneaking this to the beach with me. Shhhh, don’t tell.


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