Pax Herbal Vaporizer Review by Ploom

ploom-pax-vape-4Pax Herbal Vaporizer Review by Ploom

If you want to know more about an easy to use and efficient vaporizer, read this Pax Herbal Vaporizer Review by Ploom. You will know more about the features of the product and the benefits that you can get from using this vaporizer.

This vaporizer is quite easy to use and can be set at different temperatures, which is great for those who prefer various kinds of temperature (click here to get the best price on the internet).

Advantages of Using the Pax Herbal Vaporizer

Learn more about this product by knowing the advantages that it can offer to vaporists.

  • Automatic Sleep Mode

This vaporizer is quite efficient because it puts itself automatically on sleep mode once you put it down. Because of the sensor in this vaporizer, you do not have to turn it off every so often when you want to just put in on the table. The sensor would determine if the vaporizer is being used and would put itself to sleep mode once you settle it down.

This is quite a beneficial feature because you do not have to turn it off when you want to take a short break. This will save your botanicals and would save the battery life by not running all the time.

  • Easy to Use

You just need to press the mouthpiece so that it will come out, enabling you to make hits easier. You also have to just press the mouthpiece again so that it will come back in, which makes it quite portable.

The heat-up time is also quite fast. The Pax Weed Vaporizer can heat up in as fast as thirty seconds, which is quite quick. This will enable you to use the vaporizer immediately after turning it on.

  • Safe to Use

You can be sure that the vaporizer is safe to use because the steel and plastic that are used in manufacturing the product is all food grade and safe for human use. The food grade plastics are all safe to use, even when the temperature of the vaporizer rises. The steel, medical grade stainless steel, which is also being used to make the body and heating element at the bottom of the vaporizer, is quite safe and durable; making it ideal to use.

  • Fast Charging Time and Longer Battery Life

Within just two hours of charging the battery, using the included battery charger, you can use the vaporizer immediately. The charge of the batteries can also last up to two hours, depending on the temperature and the usage of the Pax Marijuna Vaporizer.

  • Three Temperature Settings

You can easily set the temperature of the vaporizer by just clicking the button. You can easily determine the temperature by just looking at the light that indicates the battery condition, heating status and temperature of the vaporizer.  More about the additional product features.

The lowest setting is 188C, the medium setting is 199C and the highest setting is 210C. You can easily determine the temperature setting by looking at the light. There’s yellow for low, orange for medium and red for high temperature.


Pax Herbal Vaporizer Review by Ploom| Pax Marijuana Vape for Weed

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