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The Vapolution portable vaporizer hasn't received much attention thus far from vapor enthusiasts. With its glass on glass technology and 2 hours of rechargeable battery life it is a steal for under $200. Like some other high-end vaporizers, the Vapolution features a glass heating element (instead of the more traditional ceramic). One of the main complaints about ceramic heating elements is that they cause the unit to heat up - sometimes even to a dangerous degree. The Vapolution has no hot exposed surfaces. The all glass heater coupled with the glass buddy bowls (included) makes the Vapolution the first truly glass-on-glass vaporizer model. Plug it in to any outlet, any car cigarette lighter or charge the battery and the sky is the limit. All Glass Means Pure Vapor!!! * No grinding * No stirring * All glass heater * Temperature control * 4 minute start up time * No hot exposed surfaces * Silent and hands free Package Includes: * 1 Glass Convection Vaporizer * 2 Foodgrade Whips * 2 Glass Bowls (med & lg) * 1 12VDC Power Supply * 1 Car Adaptor more

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