Cheap Vapir ONE 5.0 Digital Herbs Vaporizer + Inflation

Herbal Vaporizer Brand: Vapir
Herbal Vaporizer Model: Vapir ONE 5.0
Herbal Vaporizer List Price: $.
Herbal Vaporizer Price: $86.96

Average Customer Rating

  5 out of 5

Herbal Vaporizer Description:

The Vapir ONE is a revolutionary product which extracts the flavor and essences of any herb, spice or tobacco and will provide a very dense and flavorful vapor. Using Patented Forced-Air Heat Digital Technology the Vapir ONE extracts the full essence and flavor from herbs without any smoke! Vaporization is believed to eliminate many of the harmful tars, toxins and carcinogens - all the negative side-effects associated with smoking. more

Herbal Vaporizer Accessories:

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Herbal Vaporizer Features:

  • New and improved Vapir ONE v.5.0, 2 re-usable empty herb disks
  • Fully featured in both Fahrenheit and Celsius,2 Matrix tube attachments,1 X-Tip Mouthpiece
  • 1 Inflation Kit with 5 balloons,The Vapir ONE v.5.0 is easy as 1-2-3-4! Heat the unit up, grind your herbs as finely as possible, insert the herbs into the herb disk, insert the herb drawer and inhale!,Hand-held and convenient for usage with family and friends
  • Three speed fan allows you to inhale from the unit directly or inflate a vapor balloons,Inflate Vapor balloons to share with family and friends,This unit can operate within the range of 250-400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • The Vapir ONE v.5.0 is a corded model, Dimensions of Vapir ONE v.5.0: 8 inches x 6 inches x 2.5 inches,Dimensions of Inflation Bag: 17.5 inches x 12 inches

Herbal Vaporizer Special Features:

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T. Owens

Great product
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
I like it very much easy to use.. and much better for you… one small piece was broken off in shipping i guess… i did not return it… does not effect working..

N. Taylor

Great product Vs price of similar apparatuses
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
I have owned this product for almost two months. I have had no problems using this vaporizer. I use the hose attachment the most. I have used the bags but prefer the hose myself. The temperature does fluctuate but this doesn’t affect my experiences. Inhaling herbs is so much more intense with this unit compared to conventional methods. This works best one person or two at a time. Trying to pass this unit amongst a small group does not seem to work well. You do not have to fill the herbal disc to achieve maximum effect so if more people are inhaling herbs with you just take turns.

All you have to do is pre-heat the unit while breaking your herbs apart. Takes only a minute or two. You will want to follow the instructions carefully. Not following some of the precautions may cause damage to your unit which is not covered by the warranty.


Rating:5 out of 5 stars
i’ve had a vapir one for a year now and i like it more and more.

for personal use, i eschew the bag and vape with the hose only. this is the closest thing to a bowl your going to get with a vaporizer.

it so much cleaner than smoking and it works just as well if not better once you get used to it. it stretches your herbs out, too. a little goes a long way.

volcanoes rock but are very expensive. you can literally buy 3 of these for the same price. that’s a party.


Excellent once you know how to use
Rating:5 out of 5 stars

– Healthy (so much better than smoking)

– Herb lasts longer (can reuse if quality, if not can reuse anyway but may be too weak). It will save you money and pickup time. I run quality herb through the vaporizer 2 times easily, and ten a third time if nothing else available.

– Once you know how to use, hard to go back to other herb vehicles


– Small but existant learning curve

– Need electical outlet (not available at all times)

– Looks odd inhaling out of a bag

– Not convenient for travel (though still worth to take)

– Takes only 4 to 5 mins, but that’s about 3 mins longer than a pipe

How to use: I’ve been using this for 2+ years and have a routine down pat as described below. Takes a total of maybe 3-5 minutes from start to finish.

1) First turn on machine, keep slider on fan to “L”, adjust temperature to 388 to 391 for new herb. 393 to 395 for used herb.

2) while the machine is heating up, prepare herb container. (grind up herb if possible, or grind up in hand) … usually once container is ready the machine light goes green

3) insert container, put the bag on … move fan slider to “H”. Bag will fill up in about 45 secs

4) Pull bag off … turn machine off or repeat step 3 for another person (if quality herb, 1 container can do 2 people … if used herb (meaning herb that has already gone through the vaporizer before, repeat from step 2 above).

5) Inhale slowly, cap the top with your finger, repeat until bag is empty. Then enjoy the hit!

Modificatios on the above — if herb is weak, try a higher temp setting (2-3 degrees higher) … if vapor is cloudy/smoky, lower temp setting by 2-3 degrees.

Note: well kept herb works better than herb that is too dry … if too dry there is sometimes the danger it will burn, may lower temp 2-3 degrees if herb is very dry.

Trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will love the machine. I’ve introduced many people to the vaporizer and they all loved the delivery vs. other methods.

K. Bonnell

It all depends on what you’re looking for 😉
Rating:5 out of 5 stars
As far as vaporizers go this one rocks. You have complete temperature control. If you want smoke, any good vaporizer isn’t going to make you happy. You know you have a good one if you can’t seen anything, that’s the whole point. You want to avoid all the nasty stuff released when your herb reaches combustion temperature. The Vapir One is a healthy alternative, and if that is your first priority, then this will make you happy. It would be nice if there was stand or something for it though. Be careful not to tip it.

T. Stickel

didn’t like
Rating:1 out of 5 stars
well, placing in on floor is no fun. It is too much work. Too much to think about. Temperature changes too much. Nice idea….. but I really didn’t like the whole “invisible” or “clear” thing…. feel like your not doing it right.

Perhaps an improvement would be a stand… like the volcano… and maybe having a color mix with the vapor so you can see it…..

just like the propane industry adds a chemical to propane otherwise propane is odorless,tasteless…

non-toxic of course…

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