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Herbal Vaporizer Brand: Pocket Vapor
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Herbal Vaporizer List Price: $99.99
Herbal Vaporizer Price: $59.99

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  3 out of 5

Herbal Vaporizer Description:

PocketVape VP-600 Portable Vaporizer Portable Herbal Vaporizer - Charcoal Black - No Batteries. Vaporizing is healthier, delivers the most potent form of any herb and saves money. Introducing the Pocket Vape Portable - VP-600, a revolutionary hand held butane powered vaporizer which is small, compact and best of all, completely cordless! It runs on the same fuel that powers lighters. The high powered Jet Torch is just right for vaporizing our favorite herbs. It takes no time at all to heat up the ceramic heating element and you are vaporizing very quickly! Totally safe and free from fumes. Pure vapor without the smoke. Why spend more on portable cordless vaporizers. You will save the money you spend in utilizing the full effect of the herbs you use. Model Features: * Ceramic Heating Element * Polycarbonate Shell * Butane Cartridge * Stainless Steel Bowl * Vinyl Whip Tubing with Glass Mouthpiece * Flame Lock on * Great Display Box Includes Free Shipping in U.S. more

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Herbal Vaporizer Features:

  • Portable, cordless runs on simple butane.
  • No fumes, pure healthy vapor.
  • Lightweight, fits in shirt pocket.
  • Saves money on herbs, increases potency, can use anywhere.

Herbal Vaporizer Special Features:

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Rating:5 out of 5 stars
These are a kick once you figure out the right way of using it.

I have had this for a couple months now-its kind of grown on me since

learning by trial and error on keeping the temp right.I wasnt so sure

of it but now its one of my favorites without breaking the bank ;0)


poorly made
Rating:1 out of 5 stars
I bought one of these for half the price of it here and it was still a huge waste of money. This is one of five vaporizers I own but only the second worse. (Inavap is the worst)

In theory this is awesome but what happens is it’s so poorly made that the clicker quickly dies and on mine the reservoir nozzle broke, All this within three weeks. I did talk to the company and they offered me some repair parts but I declined citing having found a better solution.

I use a butane mini torch/cordless soldering iron with it (must be blue flame) and heat the element from the other side which works just as well. However with this vape another serious problem is you really have no temp control so it’s up to timing and more than once I have burned instead of vaporizing. I keep it for a vape if the electricity goes out or something, but at this price I suggest not even wasting your money.


Works well… but it’s flimsy… and fit-‘n-finish are poor
Rating:3 out of 5 stars
The VP-600 vaporizes herbs efficiently, is relatively simple to operate, and is easy to clean. However, it’s plastic shell is brittle, and it’s interlocking parts wouldn’t snap together… until they’d been “broken” in… literally. Nothing serious. Just annoying.

The herb chamber is a perforated metal cup that fits inside a ceramic chamber. Once the VP-600 is ignited, a blue-hot, butane mini-torch blasts the ceramic chamber directly, but the flame never touches the herbs sealed inside. Regardless of freshness, anything placed inside the metal cup will vaporize within 20 seconds. If, however, the butane torch is left burning too long… 60-90 seconds… the herbs will burn.

Iolite versus the VP-600?

The only significant advantages the Iolite Portable Vaporizer has over the VP-600: it’s prettier, and it’s heating process is controlled by a thermostat. But for speed and ease of operation, and the metal-inside-ceramic design of it’s herb chamber, the VP-600 comes out well when compared to the significantly more expensive Iolite.

Nevertheless poor fit and finish and it’s flimsy plastic shell drag the VP-600 down from 4 to 3 star level.


24 hours later: it broke. Downgrade this product’s rating to 1 star.

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