What are the Benefits of Herbal Vaporization?

What are the Benefits of Herbal Vaporization?

No smoke! Is the number one benefit of using a vaporizer. As the medical marijuana vaporizes you will note that a thin mist of vapour is created at this lower 338 °F (170 °C) temperature. Compare that to a typical marijuana joint which burns at temperatures of up to 2,012 °F (1,100 °C) and in the process creates many harmful carcinogens. Smoke is the prime cause of lung cancer and many respiratory disorders.

Save money – Since vaporization takes place at temperatures below combustion up to twice as many active constituents are delivered to the user than one would get from smoking, according to studies. Cannabinoids are highly combustible, and many of the delicate glandular trichomes may be destroyed when simply smoked.

No smell. As nothing is actually burning there is very little smell involved with vaporization.

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