What Different Types of Herbal Vaporizers Are There? Weed, Marijuana

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Type 1 – Classic or direct heat dome vaporizers.

There are approximately 40 vaporizers on the market right now but many of them are junk.  ***Be aware of very poorly made copies from China and India.***

Vaporizers have been on the market or handmade by individuals since the 1960’s. The classic “dome” design incorporates a heating element much the same as a soldering iron with a small metal bowl situated where the soldering iron tip would normally be. The heat element heats the bowl and the medical marijuana inside it. The whole tip of the heat element and attached bowl is usually covered by a glass dome which captures the vapour. The user then simply inhales the vaporized marijuana via tubing attached to the dome.

These vaporizers are usually cheap options but they do work quite well. Simple yet effective. Problems found in such designs are usually in the materials used in manufacturing such as the glues, plastics, metal of the bowls such as aluminium all of which can affect the taste.

Ceramic heat element vaporizers.

Vaporizers have become better built in the last couple of decades and now most of the top models use ceramic based heat elements. Ceramic is an inert compound which when heated does not give of any unwanted gases. The best ceramic heat elements include alumina ceramic as the method of creating heat. Alumina ceramic has a similar crystal structure to sapphire and ruby after the sintering process.

Type 2 – Manual inhale (direct lung) or indirect heat vaporizers.

Best herbal vaporizer.  These are our favourite vaporizers. The heat element never touches the medical marijuana and the vapour is only produced when you inhale. The user inhales air past an inert ceramic heat element which can reach a surface temperature of up to 1,382 °F (750 °C). The super hot air then continues through the inert Pyrex glass tube to hit your medical marijuana (situated 2 inches further along the tube) at a far reduced temperature in the vaporization range at around 338 °F (170 °C). The medical marijuana vaporizes and the vapour continues through the inert silicon tubing into your lungs.

The beauty of this system is that vaporization only occurs when you inhale. You control the amount of vapour you inhale using your lungs plus (and we think this is the best part) you can easily regulate the degree to which your medical marijuana vaporizers. The harder you inhale the hotter the herb gets which in turns delivers greater volume and denser vapour.

Indirect heating usually offers the most pure results with instant delivery of fresh vapours at the volume that you desire. We find this method far better than fan forced (stored vapour) vaporization units which remove a lot of this human control.

Type 3 – Fan forced or stored vapour.

Such as the Volcano vaporizer with its balloon style attachment.

Balloon style vaporizers work by pumping the vaporized medical marijuana into a special balloon where it can be detached from the vaporizer and inhaled whenever you are ready. Vapour in the bag will always be the same density, this method does not allow you to control how thick or thin the vapour is mixed with air. Some people like these balloon style vaporizers as it makes it easy to pass the vapours around. In most cases the balloon is able to hold more vapor compared to the other styles.

If you’re interested is this type of vaporizer, the Vapormatic Deluxe is also worth a look. It comes with more features than the Volcano and is usually cheaper. Note the Volcano actually uses an aluminium heat element and not a ceramic heat element.

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