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digital volcano weed vaporizerStorz and Bickel Volcano Digital Weed Vaporizer Review:  If you’re willing to spend a little extra for the absolute best vaporizer available, look no further.   The higher price is easily worth it considering how well constructed it is and how much bud it will save you.  The Volcano digital vaporizer is a little more expensive than the classic Volcano, but the advantage with the digital version is that you can be more precise with the temperature rather than playing the guessing game with the classic version.  Make no mistake though, both versions of the Volcano are easily the best vaporizers for sale in 2011.

The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most efficient and respected vaporizers on the market. It is a patented state-of-the-art vaporization system. German manufacturer Storz & Bickel has developed a unique system that comprises of a chamber to hold the herb, and valves for dispersing heated air through the chamber and into the bag.  All the engineering detail comes together to deliver a product that is both stylish and easy to use.

Volcano Herbal Vap Rating:  The Volcano digital vaporizer is a must have for anyone who cares about quality.  Yes, it’s a little pricy, but it will work much better and longer than any cheap one you could find. Not only is the Volcano the healthiest way to toke, it will also end up saving you money!   Since the Volcano is so efficient, you need to use less weed in order to get the same effect as smoking.

Volcano Digital Vap Features:

  • Precise electronic control
  • Extra large, digital LED display with set and actual temperature
  • Vaporization temperature can be set between 40° and 230°C
    (104° and 446°F)
  • Low starting temperature allows you to vaporize any herb: peppermint, lavender, thyme, and St John’s Wort all vaporize at around 100°F.
  • Temperature accuracy ± 1,5°C (2,7°F)
  • Display changeover between °Celsius and °Fahrenheit
  • Two years warranty
  • Detachable balloon for mobile use

Storz and Bickel Volcano Digital Vaporizer Heating Details:

  • Heat up time less than 2 minutes
  • Temperature range from 40° to 230°C
    (104° to 446°F)
  • Three minute cool-down time
  • Automatic shut-off if not used for twenty minutes
  • Vapor can be stored within the balloon for up to eight hours

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my digital volcano vaporizer is awesome. best investment i ever made. it saves me so much cash b/c i use less weed. i’ve been using it daily almost none stop for 3 years now. teh volcano hasn’t broken down once. it lives up to its german engineering background.

Hank W.

I used to have a different vap, then my friend let me use his Volcano. Holy sh*t, I fell in love. I worked 2 jobs last summer to save up to buy one. I have it now, and consider it my most valuable possesion – seriously. Get one now.


I’ve tried a lot of vaporizers and if you want the best, you want the Volcano. Yes it is more expensive, but it’s amazingly constructed and you can send it back to them to get it fixed for free if something’s ever wrong with it.


The volcano was the second vape I got after the portable Vapir. Major improvement. Portable vapes just don’t hold enough bud in the chamber. The volcano has a big chamber, but you only need to put enough in to cover the bottom of it, and it’ll give you at least three cloudy bags. Spend a lot less on bud now, even if you’re a heavy user an eighth shouldn’t last you shorter than a week. Make sure you set it around 7 for maximum flavor.


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